Are You Ready for a Designer Relationship? Six Reasons Why It’s Time to Take a Fresh Look at Non-monogamy

There’s nothing wrong with monogamy, say the co authors of Designer Relationships—but many couples have discovered the benefit of a more “open” style of relating. Here, Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson share some surprising truthsnabout monogamy, non-monogamy, and how to move from one to the other.

The End of Marital Apathy: Eight Ways to Cultivate Profound Interest in Your Partner (and Why Doing So Is Crucial)

It’s easy to get bored inside marriage or any partnered relationship. Yet unchecked apathy is the kiss of death. The authors of the new book Designer Relationships say love depends on “profound interest.” Here they offer tips to help you actively and passionately reconnect—even if you thought that ship had long since sailed.

First, Question the Monogamy Mandate: Seven Tips for Wannabe Sexual Adventurers

It’s not always easy to defy the cultural taboo against non-monogamy, but the authors of Designer Relationships say there are many benefits from at least exploring the possibilities. (One big surprise: It’ll bring you closer together.)

Sexual Adventuring for the Shy: Seven Tips to Help You Shake Your Inhibitions and Spice Up Your Relationship

Shaking things up in the sack is not only fun, it’s great for your marriage. Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson—coauthors of Designer Relationships—explain how the sexually timid can push their boundaries (without breaking the bonds of monogamy).

“But What About THE KIDS?” Seven Reasons Why Non-Exclusive Relationships Are More Child-Friendly Than You Think

Many people are discovering that monogamy just doesn’t work for them—yet they have misgivings about raising children in a polyamorous home. Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, authors of Designer Relationships, debunk some of the myths and misconceptions thatcan hold parents back from living their most authentic lives.

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