Alternet: Life Long Sexual Monogamy Just Isn’t Natural
Rather than eroding “traditional” marriage, this panoply of relationship options can also benefit those who choose to be sexually and emotionally exclusive. The benefit lies in the fact that they’ve been exposed to the available options, have genuinely thought them through, and have chosen what is truly appropriate for their partnership. Even in the context of total exclusivity, people change and evolve. They may experience new desires and interests. Being able to discuss these issues freely and fully is likely to make partnerships more durable, enhance feelings of connection and interdependence, and reduce the likelihood of infidelity and other clandestine behavior.

Good Men Project: How to Love Like You Did When It Was New
Do you remember how you behaved when you were first falling in love?

In all likelihood, you listened intently to what your partner had to say, found something magical in the most mundane biographical details, missed each other, and were eager to be together whenever you were apart.

Metro Interview with Twanna A. Hines
Mark and Patricia are that cute couple that finishes each others’ sentences and have a lot of hot, sexy time together. Because I love every little, delicious Metro reader, I grabbed them for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes interview about what they call “The Ten Big Myths.” Get ready to mythbust your way to a better relationship and great sex!

College Candy: How Do You Handle an an Open Relationship
The problems that people encounter in open relationships aren’t all that different from the problems people encounter in monogamous ones, but doing open relationships well usually requires more refined communication skills and greater awareness. Monogamy is our cultural default mode, and what many people don’t realize is that non-monogamy often leads to deeper and more fulfilling primary partnerships because it demands more – better communication, more honesty, and deeper thinking about sexuality, jealousy, attraction, trust and desire, to name a few.

Jezebel: The Truth About How Much a Happy Couple Should Have Sex
Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels, co-authors of Partners in Passion, Great Sex Made Simple, Tantra for Erotic Empowerment, and The Essence of Tantric Sexuality go so far as to recommend scheduling sex, but not in the absence of working on connecting first.

“We don’t have a hard and fast rule about how often to do it,” Johnson wrote me via email. “The ideal rhythm can vary a great deal depending on age, immediate circumstances, and a number of other factors. It’s more important to be flexible and attuned to what keeps you connected as a couple. For this reason, we recommend scheduling sex and being sure to make it happen regularly. We know one couple who has sex every morning and has done this daily for over 25 years. One tryst per week may be enough to satisfy some couples and keep them erotically engaged. What we have discovered is that happy couples make sex a priority.”

Slutty Girl Problems: Unconscious Monogamy
In recent years, interest in non-monogamy has increased dramatically, and mainstream media have displayed a somewhat more respectful attitude toward alternative relationship styles – from Big Love to Dr. Drew Pinsky’s recent acknowledgement on The View that open relationships can work for some people. In addition, the number of books that question monogamy seems to have increased, and one, Christopher Ryan’s Sex at Dawn, was a New York Times bestseller. As with the rapid acceptance of “same sex” marriage, this reflects a major shift in the culture, a level of openness to sexual and relational alternatives not seen since the late 1960s and 1970s, and time of rapid change and experimentation. Despite this new openness, monogamy remains the default mode for most people, and those who have open relationships are often mocked, condemned, and even treated as strange or “sick.”

Pregnancy and Newborn: Keeping the Spark Alive in Your Relationship
“In its most basic form, Trataka requires you to stand, facing your partner, in a comfortable and open pose while gazing softly into your partner’s eyes,” explain Johnson and Michaels. “Some couples find this quite difficult at first, but it’s a wonderful way to recreate the experience and physiological state of falling in love.”

Ebony: 4 Secrets of Toe Curling Sex
Husband and wife Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson, authors of Great Sex Made Simple: Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy & Heighten Pleasure, shared these ideas:
1. Talk about sex.
Some people love dirty talk in the bedroom, some don’t. But most great lovers love sex and love to talk about it. People often think their partners should be able to please them without being given any instructions. If you know what you like and can communicate it, you’ll be empowering your partner to be a better lover.

Femina (India): Facts and Myths About Tantric Sex
Tantric sex does not mean that you have to make love for hours. “Instead, enlightenment and having a reverence for your partner that lasts beyond the length of any orgasm is at the core of the teachings,” say Mark A Michaels and Patricia Johnson in their book Tantric Sex Made Simple. “It’s funny that a comment Sting made over 20 years ago still has an enduring hold on the public’s imagination.

Latina: Reasons to Try Tantric Sex
Though the Stings placed tantric sex on the map after Sting boasted of 4-hour sex sessions, tantra is less about marathon sex and more about connecting with your partner. Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, authors of Great Sex Made Simple: Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy and Heighten Pleasure, state that couples practice tantra to enlighten and respect one another. So it’s not only about long-lasting orgasms; though that sounds kind of nice.

She Knows: Ways to Schedule Sex That Aren’t Depressing
Tantra experts Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels, who wrote Partners in Passion: A Guide to Great Sex, Emotional Intimacy, and Long-Term Love, suggest scheduling at least two erotic encounters a week for the next month.

Fox News Magazine: Here’s Why Women Are Cheating Almost as Much as Men
“To the extent that men play a role, it reflects a certain inattentiveness,” say relationship experts and authors Patricia Johnson  and Mark Michaels.  “Relationship neglect is often (but not always) a primary cause of infidelity.”

Sex Info Online: Tantric Sexuality
By incorporating the following elements of tantric sex into your own bedroom (suggested by Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, authors of Great Sex Made Simple: Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy and Heighten Pleasure), you will be able to foster a deeper and more pleasurable connection with your partner and yourself.

Cosmopolitan: How to Give a Tantric Massage
Love foreplay (who doesn’t, right)? Take it your techniques to the next level by giving your guy a steamy tantric massage. This sexy sequence, designed by Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels, co-authors of Tantra for Erotic Empowerment, is the perfect way to get his blood pumping—and yours.

Prevention: Boost Your Sex Life in Five Minutes
Consider kegel exercises gym time for your sex life, say Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels, co-authors of Partners in Passion. “Focusing on and exercising the muscles of your pelvic floor will connect you with the source of your sexual power.”

USA Today: Emotional Intimacy Leads to Better Sex
Real-life couple Mark Michaels, 54, and Patricia Johnson, 50, from New York City, met when she attended a 1999 lecture he was giving about the practice of Tantra, an Indian spiritual tradition related to yoga that famously includes a sexual component. After 15 years together, they wrote Partners in Passion: A Guide to Great Sex, Emotional Intimacy and Long-term Love to help longtime happy couples address ways to expand their sexual repertoire.